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CenoPDF Screenshots

Main screen of Microsoft Office Word 2013 with CenoPDF tab on the Ribben.
Main screen of Microsoft Office Word 2003 with CenoPDF menu and tool bar.
Appearance tab in PDF text box properties dialog box allows you to change border color, background color, text color, font, readonly, visibility, etc.
Options tab allows you to change text box's text, alignment, default text, multi-line, etc.
Actions tab allows you to add actions when the state of a field is changed or users move or click mouse on a field.
Format and Validate tab allows you to add Javascript that will be executed when user types in a field or contents of a field need to be formated before viewer displays them.
Choose an action and set its attributes. The Go To View action allows you to jump to a specified page in a PDF file.
The Show or Hide Fields action allows you to show or hide the selected fields or all fields in a PDF file.
The Go To Named Page action allows you to navigate to next, previous, first or last page in a PDF document.
The Reset Form action allows you to reset selected fields or all fields to its default states. If a field is a text box, its default text will be displayed.
The Submit Form action allows you to submit the form data to an URL by HTTP post or get. In this dialog box, you can choose format of submitted data, fields need to be submitted and additional options.
Document Settings dialog box allows you to set title, subject, author, keyword, etc.
You can create document level JavaScript blocks that are shared by the entire PDF document. The functions defined here could be called from anywhere in the document.
Set the appearance of free text field.
Set appearance and actions of a PDF link field.
Set appearance and the location of popup notes for a PDF markup field.

(The purpose of the screenshots here is to give you a general idea of how the product looks. The actual product may look slightly different from the ones you see here.)

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