Using hyperlink

There are two ways to create hyperlinks. You can either simply type hyperlinks in your document. CenoPDF can recognize those links and convert them automatically. Or you can use the Link annotation. This walkthrough demonstrates both ways. The files used in this walkthrough can be downloaded here: Hyperlink.docand Hyperlink.pdf.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word. Type and press Enter key. Type Click here to go to google. Choose Add Link from CenoPDF menu. Click the Add button.

    PDF hyperlink annotation properties

  2. Choose Action Type as World Wide Web Link. Type in the URL box. Click the OK button.

    PDF hyper link action

  3. Drag the link field to cover the text.

    Adjust the position of PDF link control

  4. Export to PDF file and open it in Adobe Reader to see the two links.

    Open the PDF file with links in Adobe Reader