Export to PDF from Database dialog box

Button/Section Description
Connection String The connection string for the database that contains a table, which will be used to populate the fields in a PDF form template.
Table Name

The database table name that is used to populate the fields in a PDF form template. If a column name in the table is in the format of fieldname_propertyname or fieldname_propertyname_index, each row of data of that column will be used to set the property (specified by propertyname) of a PDF field (specified by fieldname).

For radio buttons, because more than one buttons can have the same name, you need to append an index number specify which button you want to operate, f or example, color_ExportValue_0. The index is zero based and it is same as tab order in the same group of radio buttons.

If you use an Excel spreadsheet as database, the table name has to be the sheet name plus a $, for example, Sheet1$.

Test This button is used to test database connectivity. After you specify the Connection String and Table Name, click this button. It should populate the Database Contents grid.
Output PDF File Path Pattern

In the database table, each row of data will generate a PDF file. This box specifies the name of generated PDF files. Any text in a bracket will be treated as a token and will be replaced by real data from database when generating files.

If a token matches a database column name, the data of that column will replace the token. For example: c:\output\[username].pdf will use the data in database column username to replace the token.

Otherwise if a token matches any pre-defined tokens below it will be replaced accordingly:

[count] The number of the PDF file generated.
[dddd] Week of the day in long format, for example Thursday.
[ddd] Week of the day in short format, for example Thu.
[dd] Day of the month, for example 30.
[MMMM] Month name in long format, for example August.
[MMM] Month name in short format, for example Aug.
[MM] Two-digit month, for example 08.
[M] Month number, for example 8.
[yyyy] Four-digit year, for example 2007.
[yy] Two-digit year, for example 07.

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