Field Manager dialog box

Choose Field Manager from the CenoPDF menu to bring up this dialog box. It lists all the PDF fields from the active document. You can select one or more fields from the list and execute commands to manipulate the selected items. You can click a column header to sort the fields. If you want to set the tab order of the fields, you need to click the Tab Order header, drag and drop the items and choose  Set Tab Order from the Edit menu. See Changing tab orders for more information.

Commands under the Edit menu are as follows:

Button/Section Description
Properties Displays the properties dialog box for the selected fields.
Set Tab Order Applies changes of tab order to the document. After you move the field up or down, you must click this button to apply the changes. This command can be used only after you click the Tab Order header in the field list.
Go To Closes the dialog box, selects the field in the document and scrolls it in to view.
Set Unique Name If you copy and paste fields in your document, you will create fields with duplicated names. This command sets the name of selected fields to be unique.
Delete Deletes selected fields from the document.
Show / Hide Shows or hides selected fields in the document. These commands are useful if your fields cover some texts.
Selected All Selects all listed fields.

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