Document settings dialog box

Choose Document Settings from the CenoPDF menu to bring up this dialog box. It allows user to set document-level PDF settings for the active document.

Summary tab

Button/Section Description
Title The title of the PDF file.
Subject The subject of the PDF file.
Author The author of the PDF file.
Keywords The keywords for the PDF file.

Document Actions tab

Button/Section Description

List of events to trigger the JavaScript:

Close When the PDF file is closed
Before Save Before the PDF file is saved
After Save After the PDF file is saved
Before Print Before the PDF file is printed
After Print After the PDF file is printed
Execute the JavaScript Add in the JavaScript that will be executed when the selected trigger event occurs.

Document Level JavaScript tab

Button/Section Description
Name List of script names for the document level JavaScript.
JavaScript The JavaScript associated with the selected script name.
Add Add a new script.
Delete Delete the selected script.