About PDF engine

CenoPDF installs a component called novaPDF. You should not uninstall novaPDF from Windows Control Panel as CenoPDF uses this component when it generates PDF files.

Note: Although CenoPDF utilizes novaPDF, the end user license you purchase for CenoPDF does not include novaPDF. This means you can use command CenoPDF > Export to PDF to create final PDF file, but if you want to print PDF via novaPDF printer you need to buy a separate license for it.

If you use Microsoft Office 2007, you have opportunity to install the free Microsoft Export as PDF add-in. Those two PDF engines have different settings to control how PDF files are generated. You can change the settings in the Options dialog box.

Note: Even if you installed the Microsoft Export as PDF add-in, you still need to use the command CenoPDF > Export to PDF to create fillable PDF files.

Tip: If you do not like the PDF files generated by a PDF engine, you can switch to another one and see if it works better.