PDF field type

You can add various types of PDF fields to your document. Here is the introduction of the purpose of each type of fields.

Field Type Description
Text box

Text boxes are the most commonly used PDF fields. They allow your users to enter texts in the fields when the PDF document is opened by a viewer program. You can set the display format as currency, date, phone number, etc.

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Check box

A check box has two states - checked or unchecked. When a check box is displayed in a PDF viewer, users can click on it to change its state. When it is checked, a check mark is displayed. Check boxes are commonly used to present a yes/no condition.

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Radio button

Radio buttons are usually used as a group. Radio buttons that shares the same name are in the same group. PDF viewer makes sure that only one radio button can be checked at any time. Radio buttons are used to present the condition that only one item can be chosen among a few items.

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List box

A list box is used to display a list of items in a box. Users can select one or many items from a list box.

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Combo box

A combo box is a combination of a text box and a drop-down list box. When a PDF viewer renders a combo box, usually the drop-down list box is not displayed at the beginning. Thus the combo box behaves as a text box at the beginning. At the right side of the text box, there is a button. When user clicks that button, the drop-down list box pops up and the user can select an item from the list.

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Push button

Push buttons are usually used to perform some actions.

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Signature box

Signature boxes are used to allow end users to input digital signature. For more information please see Adobe Acrobat documents.

Note: One of the following two conditions must be met in order to allow your end users to use a signature box to sign and save a document. 1) Your end users have Adobe Acrobat; or 2) You, the author, have Adobe Acrobat 8 or higher and used Enable Usage Right in Adobe Reader command on the CenoPDF-generated PDF.

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Free Text

Free Text fields are used to display static texts on the document.

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Links are used to perform some actions when users click on it. The major difference between links and push buttons is that links does not have caption and it displays transparently on the document.

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A markup can highlight, underline, strike out, etc the texts underneath it. You can also supply a note for the markup. When users double-click the markup, the note will pop up.

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You can choose an icon for a note. When a PDF viewer displays a note, the icon will be displayed initially. If users double-click the icon, the note will pop up.

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Square or circle

This field draws a square or circle shape on when a PDF viewer displays it. You can also set a note for the shape. If users double-click the shape, the note will pop up.

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