Submitting form data to a web site

This walkthrough demonstrates how to submit the information in a PDF form to a web site via a web browser. You will need some server side programming skills to construct a web page to accept the data. In this walkthrough, the data will be submitted to our web site and we will display them on the web page.

The files used in this walkthrough can be downloaded here: SubmitToWeb.doc and SubmitToWeb.pdf.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word. Choose CenoPDF > Add Text Box to add a text box and name it as testfield. This name will be submitted along with the text to identify the field.

    Create a PDF form in Microsoft Word

  2. Choose CenoPDF > Add Push Button to add a button and name it as submitbutton. Set the button text as Submit. Choose Actions tab > Mouse Up trigger > Add button.

    Add an action to the PDF push button to submit the form

  3. Choose Action Type as Submit Form. Type the URL box. Set the export format as HTML. Click the OK button.

    Properties of Submit Form action in CenoPDF

  4. You are free to use any programming language to develop your web application. In this demo, the web page ProcessForm.aspx was written in Microsoft C#.The code to get and display the submitted fields is as follows.

    You have typed <span style="color: Red"> "<% Response.Write(Request.Form["testfield"]);%>" </span> in the text box.

  5. Export to PDF. Put the PDF file on your web site and create a link to it. Here is the link on our web site to the SubmitToWeb.pdf.You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Click the above link to open the PDF file in Internet Explorer. Type something in the text box and click the Submit button. The data will be submitted to our web site.

    Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader and submit the form data to a web site