Submitting form data via email using Email Form Data action

This walkthrough demonstrates how to submit form field data via email using Email Form Data action. If you need more control and flexibility, you can use JavaScript to do the similar thing. This walkthrough has been tested with Adobe Reader 8 and Microsoft Outlook 2007.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word. Add three text boxes by choosing Add Text Box on CenoPDF menu. Set the name of those text boxes to FirstName, LastName and Comments as the following screen shot.

  2. Choose Add Push Button on CenoPDF menu. In the Push Button Properties dialog box, click Options tab. Set the normal button text as Send Email.

  3. Click the Actions tab, the Mouse Up trigger and the Add button.

  4. Choose Action Type as Email Form Data. Type recipient email address in the To box, for example, Type From [[FirstName]] in the Subject box. Type the following into the Message box.

    First name: [[FirstName]]
    Last name: [[LastName]]
    This is my comments: [[Comments]]

    Click the OK button.

    [[FirstName]] means use contents of the field FirstName. The field names are case-sensitive and the name here must exactly match the one in field property settings.

  5. Choose Export to PDF from the CenoPDF menu to create the PDF file. Open it in Adobe Reader. Fill all fields.

  6. Click the Send Email button. The email client, Microsoft Outlook in our example, pops up with the contents we just created from the PDF file.

    Note: This step uses Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) in your computer to open Microsoft Outlook. MAPI is a messaging architecture that allows clients (Adobe Reader) to interact with email program. In most cases, MAPI is set up automatically after an email program, such as Microsoft Outlook, is installed. In very rare cases, however, if your user's computer does not have MAPI or it is not configured correctly, it is always a good idea for you to provide alternative ways, such as fax, to send information back.

    Test MAPI: Go to Windows Explorer, right click on any file and choose Send To > Mail Recipient from the context menu. If your email client opens, your MAPI is OK. Otherwise, if your email client does not open, your MAPI is probably not set up correctly and this step may not work either.