Submitting data via email, then importing into Excel

In this walkthrough, we continue to use the sample in Submitting form data via email using Email Form Data action but with some changes in the email format, so that after the email is received, we can import the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word. Open the file that created in Submitting form data via email using Email Form Data action . There are three fields, FirstName, LastName and Comments, in this file.

  2. Go to the Email Form Data action that we have created for the Send Email button.

  3. Clear the Message box.

  4. Click the Insert Field Names button. In the coming dialog box, check all field names and click OK button.

  5. The Message box is automatically filled with caret-separated fields. If you do not want to use the Insert Field Names button as a shortcut, alternatively you can type the texts here, which has the same effect. Click OK button a few times to close all dialog boxes.

  6. Choose CenoPDF > Export to PDF to create the PDF file. Open it in Adobe Reader. Fill in the fields and, then the Send Email button. The email client, Microsoft Outlook in our example, pops up with the contents of the fields separated by carets. Send out the email.

  7. The recipient receives the email. Highlight the email. Choose File > Save As. Choose Save as type Text Only (*.txt). Click the Save button.

  8. Launch Microsoft Excel. Choose Data > Import External Data > Import Data. Select the text file we just saved and click Open button.

  9. Choose Delimited and click Next button.

  10. Check the Other box and type a caret, "^", in the text box next to it.

  11. Click Finish button and see the data has been imported into the spreadsheet.