CenoPDF failed to start up

Here are troubleshooting steps if Microsoft Word fails to load CenoPDF.

  1. Check if CenoPDF add-in is disabled in Word. Launch Microsoft Word. If you use Word 2003 or earlier, choose Help > About Microsoft Office Word > Disabled Items. If CenoPDF or OffbatShim.Connect is listed in this box, enable it and restart Word.

    Microsoft Word Disabled Items box

    If you use Word 2007, you should click Office button at left top corner, then Word Options. Click Add-ins. If CenoPDF or OffbatShim.Connect is listed as disabled (see screenshot below), use the Go button to enable it, then restart Word.

  2. Continue if above step does not work.
  3. Go to Control Panel > Add / Remove Program. Uninstall the following items:

    Windows Add Remove Programs dialog box

  4. Download and install the latest version of CenoPDF in case if you do not have.
  5. From the Start menu on desktop, choose All Programs > CenoPDF > Add-in Manager.
  6. In Add-in Manager, check Reset CenoPDFand Delete Normal.dot boxes. Click the OK button.

    Note if you have changed Normal.dot template before and want to keep its contents, you must back up the file and restore them later. This file will be deleted after you click the OK button.

    CenoPDF Add-in Selector

  7. Launch Microsoft Word. See if CenoPDF works.
  8. Keep in mind that Microsoft Word will not load CenoPDF if anyof the following three items is not set correctly. Double-check them if CenoPDF is not loaded.

  9. Input your registration code again if you have it.
  10. If CenoPDF can be loaded by Microsoft Word but still does not work correctly usually you will see some error messages. Send us those error messages for further troubleshooting.